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ColdFusion FW/1 Example Application Project

I just released a ColdFusion Example Application, built using the FW/1 framework in its latest version:

It’s a simple app to store articles and clippings from on and offline sources, using a single model/database table, but handling a series of interesting topics:

The project also has several examples on how to implement BDD style testing and integration tests.

A few notes before the articles detailing ways to handle these topics:

  • As with most frameworks, there was a bit of a learning curve with FW/1, but I now wish I could port all my CFML projects to it! It certainly seems to work with the developer and I never felt like I had to follow a rigid workflow, or jump through hoops to get something working.

  • This project also left me with the desire to kick myself for not implementing integration tests sooner…they are fun to write! It’s also very satisfying to see selenium acting like a ghost, clicking links and filling forms “magically” for you.

The full source code is hosted on the fw1-clipping github project page.

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